Caleigh is founder of Best Foot Forward and a shoe fanatic. Some would call it fate, as her first words were “new shoes”. She’s rocked everything from Barney slippers to pink cowboy boots and now BFF sandals. Her passion for social change on the African continent led her to develop Best Foot Forward. In addition to BFF, Caleigh finds herself obsessing over large dogs and making (and consuming) banana bread. Having rowed for four years at Northwestern, she is now looking ahead at new challenges including competitive cycling and climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro.


Caleigh isn’t all about pretty shoes. She also managed to graduate from Northwestern University with honors. While attending the 2015 Clinton Global Initiative University Conference in Miami she was named a Resolution Fellow, which awarded her seed money for BFF. Caleigh has accepted a Princeton in Africa Fellowship, where she is working for the International Rescue Committee in Tanzania, while also working on BFF.

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Lindsay listened to her father's advice when he said that "work is the cheapest form of entertainment".  Born in Canada to British parents, Lindsay has lived and worked in many states as well as abroad.  Her specialty (and degree) is working with smaller startups and she loves being involved in the marketing and sales of a product she feels passionately about. You can see Lindsay down at the beach in her BFFs with her BFFs! She also enjoys road biking, hiking and running with her friends. Her new hobby is fly fishing and is looking forward to fishing adventures all over the globe.