Our Giving Model


Here at Best Foot Forward we are committed to increasing opportunities and living conditions within communities where our shoes are produced. A portion of all shoe sales is allocated to the Best Foot Forward Foundation, a non-profit that is establishing a vocational school in Kenya for women and youth. These marginalized populations experience unemployment rates as high as 60% and therefore are unable to find steady jobs to support themselves and their families.

We believe that poverty is the absence of opportunities. Through the vocational school, we will teach participants a variety of marketable skills including how to produce, manage and export leather goods as well as courses in entrepreneurship, financial literacy, life and health skills. Participants in our school will graduate skilled and knowledgeable artisans with the opportunity to earn fair, sustainable and consistent wages.

As Best Foot Forward continues to expand, we will hire artisans into our workshops directly from our vocational school, creating a sustainable cycle. Our commitment to our employees ensures safe working conditions and fair wages, above the current industry standard. Helping people help themselves in the core of our mission.